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Glass Archive

"Collaborating with my husband, Dale, in fused glass we developed a unique body of work for the wall.  In our 30 years as professional artists, we created pieces that hang internationally, across the U.S., and in public venues including 7 hospitals. The following is an archive of some of that work, and a few of the later pieces we still have."

"Mr. Hockney"
"Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes"
"Carnival Figure"
"Time Ahead"
"Mr. Murray and his Holy Water"

"There is often narrative in faces.  It has been challenging in these closely cropped portraits to provide as many clues as possible to their individual stories.  The large faces are more minimal, compelling, and this blown up version is conducive for the techniques I use in building an image in fused glass."

Cool Waters
The Bath
Boy Under Water
The Backstroke
Rhythmic Quartet
Vertical Entry
Calm Waters
Arching Entry

"This glass-water metaphor is really exciting for us.  Some of the images are both glass and paint, two very different surfaces.  The paint lends subtlety to the glass, and the glass-depth to the paint.  It makes a very interesting juxtaposition."

"Frida and the Faun"
Master of the Rings
Figure Walnuts
Potential for Balance

"Placing a figure in it's environment tells the story.  It adds that narrative layer to the understanding of the work."

Still Life with Watermelon
"Fruit Bowl"

"The still life translates well into fused glass.  A shallow depth of field, and simple shape combinations are good vehicles for the layering puzzle-like construction of our work."

Passage to Perception

"Fantasy and dream compositions are really interesting to do and show.  I always like the viewer to bring his/her own subconscious and interpretation to our work.  It continually surprises us that the range of meaning can be so vast."

Girl Talk
Double Dutch
Monkey Bars
Follow the Leader

"Depicting individuals in groups is a challenging way to show their connections using composition.  These pieces tend to be active, colorful, and work well in communal spaces.  We have several exhibited in public buildings across the country."

View from the Pond
Twilight at the Pond
Rill to Lake Santa Fe
Garden Lantern

"The subject matter of landscape has been particularly challenging.  I have tried blending by overloading the surface with lots of color changes using small glass marks in the manner of pointillism and impressionism.  The marks fade from a distance but close examination shows a very colorful and active surface."

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