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Dawn Adams Paintings

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I believe Art has many functions. It can engage our thinking process, assault our view of the status quo, provide a sense of community, and have countless other purposes. The desired function for the art I make is to heal. I know it is healing to make. After the death of my son, it was a salvation for me. To create is life affirming, and I want those who view my work to get a sense of rejuvenation and a centering calm.


For this task I have chosen the subject of water. What a limitless subject. It can be pushed to the abstract. It can be monochromatic or full of color. It can change the look of the world we see around it. It can be soothing, or invigorating. I believe the look and sound of water is healing.

I choose cropped, intimate views of water. Streambeds, marshes, quarries, and reflections are represented in my images. I like to have a strong, simplified composition that focuses on the textures I create that describe the various components in the work. What I really enjoy is when a technique creates a texture, and that texture is lush and dense and an interesting aspect to the painting in its own right. But when that texture accurately describes a subject - a tree trunk, leaf foliage, water - that is the most rewarding. This is but one avenue that allows these images to work on several levels.

Let me express my thanks to you for sharing my work. The communication starts with me, but is only completed with you. I send you, the viewer, my best and most hopeful wishes.


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Dawn Adams.  Bloomington, Indiana, USA

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